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Introducing P2P payments for travel

How payment and settlement processes can be reinvented

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Peer-to-peer payments and instant settlement

B2B/ B2C settlement in travel is complex, time-consuming, and costly. Settlement and payment applications on the Camino Network will streamline travel services' booking and paying process and enable worldwide peer-to-peer transactions with extremely fast reconciliation and much lower transaction costs.

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Web3 network distribution

Increase travel connectivity and reduce APIs with the Camino Messenger

The Camino Messenger application solves today’s lengthy and expensive connection process and enables unified, secure, and inexpensive communication for travel companies with standardized messaging types and direct connectivity. Connect to the global travel market in just 20 minutes.

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Benefits for travelers

  • Less exposure to fraud practices
  • Lower prices since suppliers can pass on the savings from the lower transaction costs
  • Faster payments and confirmations
  • Instant and automated settlement

Benefits for payment providers

  • A unified international settlement layer, with instant finality and less expensive transaction fees
  • Overall faster processes
  • Customers can even buy micro-products and enjoy super fast confirmations
Web3 use cases for payment services

Explore various use cases for payment services to bridge the gap between web3 and web2 for the travel industry. Each use case offers a brief explanation and highlights the potential benefits.

Leverage unknown potentials with fiat on/off ramp

Provide the next big solution on Camino Network and help bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and the emerging cryptocurrency market. With the demand for seamless conversion of cryptocurrency and fiat money on Camino Network, the web3 travel ecosystem will grow continuously with adoption and utility.

  • Increases liquidity of digital currencies
  • Enables operability of digital currencies for travel
  • Makes digital currencies accessible to the global travel industry
Provide the next web3 payment gateway

The payment and settlement process in the travel industry is typically complex, time-consuming, and costly.

The payment process on Camino Network will change this as all travel services along the value chain take place in a global peer-to-peer network, which is extremely fast, and results in significantly lower transaction costs. This could mean that even micro services and products could be offered online for a fraction of the costs. Another advantage is the security aspect, which is given by definition by a blockchain and makes trust or contractual paperwork between business parties redundant and reduces fraud significantly.

  • Reduces transaction costs and makes payment and settlement more seamless
  • Allows distribution and trading of micro products and services
  • Reduces the paperwork between partners and increases security along the process