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Connecting the new world of travel.

Chain4Travel is the facilitator of the Camino consortium blockchain, a new disruptive approach to trade touristic products B2B, B2C and D2C with over 120 supporters from the travel industry.

Chain4Travel provides the KYC process and the application suite for the Camino Network to ensure a fast, stable and secure environment for all travel enthusiasts while taking advantage of all web3-associated features.

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Camino has the potential to revolutionize the travel industry in the same way as Netflix revolutionized video rentals. We are clearly not yet capitalizing on today's technological possibilities and customer expectations concerning the current state of travel technology and it’s associated processes.

testimonial-photo Pablo Castillo CTO Chain4Travel

The Camino Network is a high-performance, highly scalable network for the travel industry that supports the creation of sophisticated smart contracts. Camino is a public permissioned blockchain developed by Chain4Travel AG, operated and governed by key market participants of the travel industry.

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Digital innovation starts here

Blockchain technology offers immense innovation potential for all players and segments of the travel industry. With Camino Network, the travel industry has a tool for digital innovation at hand, on whose infrastructure new products can be built, and processes can be improved.

What's next


Foundation of the Chain4Travel AG

Done • Q4 2021

Seed Investment
4.3 M CHF

Done • Q2 2022

Launch of Testnet Columbus

Done • Q2 2022

Pre-Sale of Camino Token (CAM)

Done • Q3 2022

Launch of the 1st dApps and Camino 1.0

Q1 2023

Initital Exchange Offering (IEO)


Become a validator and secure the network

Are you interested in becoming a validator on Camino? Learn more about the potential of Camino and how you can actively contribute to this innovation in the travel industry. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you.

Meet the team & advisors

Ralf Usbeck - ImageThomas Stirnimann - ImagePablo Castillo - ImageAnke Hsu - ImageAlexander Koch - ImageDaniel Poerschke - ImageVincent Usbeck - ImageJhon Ruiz - ImageJulia Landis - ImageSam Jaarsma - ImageHelena Vossen - ImageTabea Arnold - ImageLuca Cosivi - ImageIlla Eggers - ImageJuan B Sanchez - ImagePhilipp Nahrgang - ImageVladimir Novikov - Image - Image - Image - Image - Image - Image - Image - Image - Image - Image - Image - Image - Image - Image - Image - Image
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Unlimited potentials for all travel verticals

Payment & Settlement
Token Rewards
Wallet Rates / Personalized Offers
Digital Collectibles
Contracting / Purchasing
Demand Generation / Interest Tracking
Hotel / Roomtype Mapping
Disaster Information
Quality / Verification Seal
Token Gated Access
User Generated Content
Information Services
Climate Compensation
Gamification / Travel Gadgets
Traveler Identity
Automated Complaint Management
Locking Systems / Building Automation
Insurance Policies

Meet our supporters

 - Image
Jens Bischof
CEO Eurowings
 - Image
Ralph Schiller
 - Image
Tom Dillon
CEO A3M Global Monitoring GmbH
 - Image
Erich Falkensteiner
Chairman Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group
 - Image
Sören Hartmann
CEO DER Touristik Group
 - Image
Karlheinz Kögel
CEO Lufthansa Holidays
 - Image
Sachin Narode
CEO Xeni
 - Image
Boris Raoul
CEO Invia Group
 - Image
Ingo Burmester
CEO DER Touristik Central Europe
 - Image
Markus Kretschmer
Managing Director ISO Travel Solutions GmbH
 - Image
Andrew Owen-Jones
 - Image
Dave Rouse
CEO CarbonClick
 - Image
Andre Kiwitz
CEO Ventura Travel
 - Image
Salim Sahi
CEO Traffics GmbH
 - Image
Manuel Saballus
Vice President Commercial Peakwork
 - Image
Jens Barthel
neusta tourism AI & Big Data
 - Image
Mathieu Montmessin
EVP Research & Development / Hahn Air Lines GmbH
 - Image
Jan Valentin
Managing Partner Ennea Capital Partners
 - Image
Norman Rose
President Travel Tech Consulting, Inc.
 - Image
Michael Aubermann
a-five business solutions GmbH
 - Image
Markus Orth
CEO Lufthansa City Center
 - Image
Glenn Morgan
Entrepreneur / venture builder, advisor & mentor
 - Image
Andreas Posmeck
 - Image
Eric van der Hout
CEO Netmatch BV
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If you have any questions regarding Chain4Travel or the Camino Network, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

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