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Chain4Travel navigates the next travel era enabling digital innovation for the global travel industry with the Camino Network. Adapt your business to the fast-paced technological shift with web3 technologies.

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Today's travel industry

In today's travel industry, the innovation pace is decelerated; the development of new products and the technical improvement of existing ones are much slower than they could be, occasionally leading to standards and exchange protocols over 40 years old and, therefore, desperately needing replacement.

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Tomorrow's travel industry

Instead of a centralized and fragmented supply chain, tomorrow's travel will offer seamless connections across a distributed network. Slow time-to-business will be a thing of the past as lightning-fast transactions become the norm and transaction costs are significantly reduced. Travel technology systems will no longer operate in silos, but will collaborate and share a single source of truth. New Business models will emerge, enabling B2C2B and C2C interactions.

Fraud and counterfeiting concerns will be mitigated through traceability. Automation, driven by smart contracts, will overcome staff shortages and ensure efficient operations. Tomorrow's travel industry promises a more efficient, secure and collaborative ecosystem for travelers and businesses alike.

Be part of tomorrow's industry
What we do

We have built the infrastructure that connects and empowers the travel industry like never before. Now we are bringing travel companies into this new world owned by the travel industry powered by Camino Network.

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Camino Network

Camino Network provides the fundamental blockchain technology for the global travel industry, offering a comprehensive ecosystem for seamless integration of any travel offerings. It includes KYB/KYC processes and self-custodial wallets, supporting diverse use cases. Managed by industry-leading validators, Camino Network delivers cost savings and increased efficiencies and prepares the travel industry for digital wallets, CBDCs, and digital identities.

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Camino Messenger

Camino Messenger is a decentralized network enabling global travel suppliers and distributors to connect and trade travel products and services at reduced costs. By mapping your system once to Camino Messenger, you can easily engage with new partners like hotels, airlines, and car rentals. The Messenger simplifies API management, standardizes and optimizes communication protocols, and offers innovative monetization opportunities.

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Travel Un'chained 2024
Sep 30 - Oct 2, 2024
Palma de Mallorca

Where travel experts meet to discuss digital transformation, build valuable networks, and introduce products for the new connected travel era.

Travel Un'chained 2024
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Your guide to the web3 travel ecosystem

Find comprehensive support across tech, business, marketing, branding, and sales adoption of web3 technology with a team of 40+ experts from the travel and travel tech industry. Chain4Travel provides product workshops, use case development, strategic networking, and tailored technical advice down to the blueprint of a solution. Leverage our expertise and gain valuable connections to develop and launch new web3 products and build new communities.

Leverage our expertise to educate your team about blockchain, develop new web3 products, expand the network with new partners, and build communities with tech-savvy travelers.

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Get ready for the next gen of travelers
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Web3 technology for digital innovation in the travel industry

The potentials for web3 innovation in the travel industry are huge. Looking at the pace of wallet integration, and digital identity, the next generation of travelers is emerging fast, and the industry is looking at vast transformations. Now is the time to explore web3 opportunities. We at Chain4Travel, help explore web3 opportunities and achieve digital innovation for your business.

Explore web3 use cases
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Enabling travel companies to enter web3

Blockchain technology offers immense innovation potential for all players and segments of the travel industry. With Camino Network, the travel industry has a tool for digital innovation at hand, on whose infrastructure new products can be built, and processes can be improved. Chain4Travel, the facilitator of Camino, is the perfect partner to explore web3 oppportunities for your business.

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Whether you are a startup looking to break into the travel industry or an established player seeking to stay ahead of the curve, Chain4Travel is your ultimate guide to digital transformation and innovation. Join us on the journey to the world of travel reinvented.

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