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Web3 use cases for information & marketing services

Streamline processes and increase trust with blockchain tech

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Enhance the service and product environment in the web3 travel industry

Customers and also companies are looking for fast and reliable information, services and seamlessly accessible ancillaries. In the travel industry, this is particularly relevant, as many parties need to collaborate. With the latest web3 technology, data can be stored and transferred securely and in real-time, creating a single source of truth for all involved.

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“Leading the field in digital crisis communication whilst streamlining and structuring the flow of information between source and the travelling customer. Our task at A3M is to provide the travelling public with punctual, accurate, in- depth and time critical information and this at a very high frequency. A task we are mastering daily in close cooperation with our tour operators, travel retailers, OBEs and corporate customers. Today's solutions are however limited, both technically and economically posing challenges to serve customer demands going forward. This is one reason why blockchain is so important for A3M`s future business model.”

Tom Dillon
CEO A3M Global Monitoring GmbH
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Web3 network distribution

Increase travel connectivity and reduce APIs with the Camino Messenger

The Camino Messenger application solves today’s lengthy and expensive connection process and enables unified, secure, and inexpensive communication for travel companies with standardized messaging types and direct connectivity. Connect to the global travel market in just 20 minutes.

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Web3 use cases for information & marketing services

Explore the various use cases of blockchain technology for DMOs and service providers in the travel industry. Each use case offers a brief explanation and highlights the potential benefits.

Information services

Integrating information services such as disaster or weather information for customers can be challenging for the travel industry. The compatibility of different systems, data security issues, and the overall cost of integrating can prevent the implementation of such valuable services for the customers.

With Camino Network, any kind of information service, such as disaster or weather information, can be easily provided for customers.

  • Creates a single source of truth for information services
  • Reduces integration costs of information services
  • Increases value for customers

Fake reviews and lack of incentives for travelers to share their reviews are harming the industry.

Web3 technology will make reviews more authentic, reliable, and tamper-proof. Travelers can own and control their reviews and even monetize them. Wallet address verification also reduces the likelihood of fake reviews, leading to easier customer relationship management and the ability to reward reviews. With verified travel reviews, travelers can make more informed decisions about their travel plans.

  • Increases trust and authenticity of travel reviews
  • Improves the customer experience by offering travelers better decision-making
  • Creates a competitive advantage
User-generated content

User-generated content provides more authentic and trustworthy marketing for businesses and can increase engagement immensely. The problem is that guests often do not have a high incentive to share their experiences.

Leverage web3 technologies to increase customer engagement with user-generated content. Users can generate content for various services or products on the blockchain and get rewarded instantly.

  • Increases user-generated-content for businesses effortlessly
  • Offers new ways to incentivize customers
  • Increases sales with trustworthy and authentic content
Digital collectibles

Travelers love collecting things from their trip, such as souvenirs. As of today, these souvenirs can only be physical. The next generation, however, strives for digital proofs of travel that they can share with social networks online.

Therefore, a use case of digital collectibles is very interesting for additional income streams and customer loyalty. It can be adopted in variations; for example, in the form of unique NFT collections.

  • Leverages additional income streams
  • Offers new ways to adapt to the generation of digital nomads
  • Increases loyalty and customer engagement
Create a sustainable and transparent supply chain

Blockchain technology can help implement sustainability initiatives by reliably tracking efforts and projects, which is critical to meeting ESG goals. Travel companies and service providers can leverage the potential of blockchain to enable genuinely sustainable initiatives.

  • Establishes transparency in the supply chain
  • Reduces resources and increases efficiency
  • Enables effective tracking of sustainability initiatives and ESG targets

Incident Messaging in Web3 by Tom Dillon

For example, the "A3pp" and "H2O" dApps developed by A3M can target new customer segments and business partners in web3. A3M enables the global sharing of crisis information and incentivizes content creators while providing a standardized way to communicate destination-related crises.

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