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Unleashing the potential of blockchain in travel

September 13-14, 2022

The Travel Un'chained 2022 I Aftermovie









Speakers 2022

Ralf Usbeck
German Ramirez
The Relevance House
Dr. Stephan Romeike
Immutable Insight
Roberto Da Re
Travel Ledger
Mohit Davar
SH Financial
Tom Dillon
A3M Global Monitoring
Anke Hsu
Manuel Saballus
Thomas Stirnimann
Pablo Castillo


Investors, Web3 tech experts, leading travel representatives


Potentials of blockchain for the travel industry and real-life use cases


24 hours of blockchain in travel and three different locations in and around Palma. Our first Travel Un'chained event left attendees amazed at the potential of blockchain for the travel industry. Take a look for yourself.

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Keynote Speech by Ralf Usbeck at Travel Un'chained

Ralf Usbeck, CEO of Chain4Travel, gave the opening speech at Travel Un'chained 2022 and began by addressing misconceptions about the world of blockchain and crypto.

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The Path Forward: El Camino by German Ramirez

German is a master of words and expert in emerging technologies like blockchain. With cleverness, he has pointed out the changing customer perceptions in different eras.

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Blockchain, Way More Than Just Bitcoin by Dr. Stephan Romeike

Stephan made it clear that blockchain is much more than just Bitcoin. He guides the audience through the world of the token economy using his three working hypotheses.

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Payment and Settlement Solutions by Roberto da Re

Business-to-business transactions can be expensive, and it can be difficult to reconcile thousands of ledger items across the supply chain. Roberto explains in his keynote speech how Travel Ledger facilitates a solution to this by offering fast and inexpensive settlements for the travel industry.

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Stablecoins by Mohit Davar

Mohit introduced us all to the interesting world of stablecoins. For the Camino blockchain, SH Financial will launch three stablecoins pegged with US dollars, British pounds, and euros. This digital currency will allow travel industry partners to trade and pay for goods and services at stable counter values within the shared network.

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Hotel Information in Web3 by Ralf Usbeck

The potentials for real-life use cases on Camino are enormous. Ralf's presentation addresses the opportunities for hotels in web3. What sounds unimaginable today could become a reality powered by blockchain very soon: Complete and easily accessible hotel information.

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Incident Messaging in Web3 by Tom Dillon

Tom presented on the topic of 'incident messaging' two new D-Apps which A3M Global Monitoring plan to launch on Camino. A great example of the potential for destination content on blockchain.

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Loyalty Programs on Camino by Anke Hsu

Anke vividly explained new opportunities for loyalty on Camino. Besides learning about real-life use cases of loyalty based on blockchain, three key messages can be derived from her keynote speech.

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Voucher Solution on Camino by Manuel Saballus

Manuel demonstrated Camino's potential for customer service based on Peakwork's brand new voucher platform: Travel products & services are turned into digital assets via a B2B backend. With applied blockchain technology, the process of distribution, even between various partners, and financial settlement, work almost automatically.

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Camino Governance by Pablo Castillo

Pablo was one of the last speakers to address the important topic of governance on the Camino blockchain. This topic covered the important participants that secure and govern the network: the validators. What a validator does, how to become one and how the voting system works was explained perfectly well by Pablo.

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Camino Outlook by Thomas Stirnimann

Thomas presented the bright outlook for Camino and ended the afternoon session with a very important and decisive question: 'Which Camino will you take?'

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Stay tuned for Travel Un'chained 2023!

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