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Private Sale

Camino Token

The registration for applying as an early investor in the Camino project is closed.
Please contact us via hello@chain4travel.com for any pending questions regarding the pre-sale.

Sold Out!

Camino Pre-sale is officially closed

In the Camino token pre-sale, partners and individuals who believe in the idea of a shared network as a common operating system for the travel industry and want to drive it forward had the opportunity to invest.



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Sold Out
Camino Pre-Sale Option One Cover
Option one

1 CAM = 0.10 CHF

  • Locking 3 years
  • Reward p.a. 8%
Sold Out
Camino Pre-Sale Option Two Cover
Option two

1 CAM = 0.10 CHF

  • Locking 4 years
  • Reward p.a. 9%
Sold Out
Camino Pre-Sale Option Three Cover
Option three

1 CAM = 0.10 CHF

  • Locking 5 years
  • Reward p.a. 10%

Interested in joining Camino?

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Locking image

Locked Camino tokens

Token vesting is a way to ensure the safety and confidence of early investors in new blockchain projects. The existing token vesting process involves the locking of tokens for a set period of time. During that time all bought tokens will be visible in the investor’s wallet, however, they are not accessible (=locked).

The vesting mechanism foresees that 6 months prior to the ending of the official lock up period, a 1 year period starts where the tokens linearly become unlock-able. The accumulated unlock-able tokens can be unlocked at any time and 6 months after the set date, all pre-sale tokens are unlock-able. The 1 year unlocking period ensures the chosen locking period complies on average with the actual years of token locking.

The idea of Camino

As opposed to the hierarchical structure of today’s travel industry, Camino, with its network structure, fosters communication and collaboration among partners on eye level. Thus, Camino creates an ecosystem with equal chances and opportunities where demand and supply for B2B services form a natural equilibrium and create an equitable space for doing business; this, consequently, will stimulate the creation of new business models, new end-customer products, and enhance the traveler’s experience of tomorrow.

The Idea of Camino

Become a validator and secure the network

Are you interested in becoming a validator on Camino? Learn more about the potential of Camino and how you can actively contribute to this innovation in the travel industry. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you.

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